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Wedding in the Italian Alps - Trentino South Tyrol

Feeling at home in the mountains? Do you maybe dream about getting married or elope in a mountain hut?

Well, maybe this is for you.

April, 2nd

We’re coming back from a weekend in the mountains (who would have imagined that, uh?) and I get a message from a cousin of mine. I read the preview on the top of the screen before really diving into it, cause what I read needs immediate attention. Wow 1. she’s marrying her boyfriend since forever and Wow 2. they ask me to be their photographer! The last thing I notice is the date, of course: May 6th. Likely the only free weekend I would have had until October. There’s so little time! They’ve decided to get married a few days ago and…cherry on top? They’re pregnant with their first daughter. So, first lesson from this is that you can: prepare a wedding in a month, in a super cool and fun space and also being in the third trimester of the first pregnancy.

Wedding reception: rifugio Serot in the Italian Alps, Lagorai range

Solidarity favors with CUAMM

Something I quite often catch in the Facebook groups or from other potential clients, is that people who don’t like to be before a camera won’t dare it even on their wedding day. This saddens me for them, because there’s a great danger of ending up with little memory of the greatest day of your life, or none at all. Just know there are SO MANY photographers out there and I’m pretty sure there’s one for every groom and bride of this planet, with his/her set of technical and empathetic skills. The risk of confiding in “Uncle Bob” for wedding pictures is…SO REAL. Funnily enough in Italy Uncle Bob turns out to be “the cousin”. Well, we can say my cousin Laura felt on her two feet on this one, can’t we?

May 6th comes quick and there I am, sipping coffee waiting for my cousin as she comes back from the hairdresser.

We’ve gained some deleay and, as the bride is ready I skyrocket myself towards Roncegno, in Valsugana.

It’s done!

Wedding reception in a mountain hut in the Italian Alps

Before we liquify under a spring sun which feels quite agressive, we leave direction Rifugio Serot. Simultaneously on the line of the horizon a few clouds are appearing, like the forecast predicted.

The rifugio is comfortably reacheable by car, that is if you’re comfortable driving on mountain roads. The tableau is deliciously handmade and refers to the groom’s  motor passions and the love of the couple for trips on their old VW van. They should have arrived with it at the reception, but there was a worrying sound that -wisely- suggested to use another vehicle.

As we finish our aperitivo, the first raindrops begin to fall and we happily sneak in. We do get some sun later on, as I steal the two to get a few pictures of them alone. 15 minutes max and we’re done and happy 😉

The image above is genuinely vintage, being made on a 60s camera on some Ilford 3200 Delta film. During the same day I prepared an “instant album” which I’ve talked about before here on the blog.

matrimonio in rifugio

The day unfolds and what stayed with me after that celebration is the attention that the couple had for their friends and family, no matter of the age.

matrimonio in rifugio

matrimonio in rifugiomatrimonio in rifugiomatrimonio in rifugiomatrimonio in rifugio

We sang, played the guitar, played games with the kids and danced. The newlyweds and some guests were the luckiest ones to have enjoyed the night in the rifugio after late-night partying.

Flowers arrangement by Fioreria Morena from Levico Terme.

Bride dress is Jarice.

If you’re planning to get married or elope in the mountains drop me a message @, I’d love to chat some more. I do offer memorable experiences too, if you want some planning along pictures and videomaking.