wedding castle italy

F and N wedding in a castle in Italy

Do you wonder how marrying in a medieval castle in Italy looks like?


Every girl on Earth dreams this. A wedding in a fairytale castle (which happens to be in Italy, to complete the dream). I can tell you this: sometimes dreams do come reality. Sometimes reality even exceeds imagination.


N.’s day started out in a hotel room close by the castle where she later met her husband-to-be and all his family. Weather forecast wasn’t brilliant for that day. As I got on location, in fact, clouds where already covering things up.

Bride got ready with her mom by her side and one close friend. I sensed the tension during this phase, head spins over a number of things (one more good reason to hire a wedding planner lol), but then again it’s always a plesure seeing how brides can always count on being sorrounded with love and care. Hands show a great deal of things about this.

Time to get going to the ceremony and party location: a fabulous castle property of the groom’s family (Earl of Cesana).

At the castle I found a chatty atmosphere, friends and family getting together, groom was nervous but his friends and witnesses were keeping him good company. The castle chapel is a little gem, only problem it was about to rain cats and dogs and a medieval chapel has really little windows: light promised to be a problem.

Photographers are afraid to raise their ISO settings because over a certain value, photos can have much grain on them and become “washed” and loose a lot of sharpness.

I pushed my camera to its limits for this ceremony, it would be so complicated to fire a flash in that place, also the gloomy atmosphere is EVERYTHING in the post-produced images from this wedding and a flash would have impacted that greatly.

The ceremony hadn’t started long when we all heard the first and biggest thunder ever exploding outside. Candles trembled and we moved on with the ceremony.

Things were both indimate and stronlgy felt, emotions all over the place. At the second floor musicians brightened up the room while playing throughout the religious function. When the service ended, the newlyweds hugged firs their little girl and then all the guests and family. They lingered in those moments, another reason for lingering in those moments came from outside. A thunderstorm was literally happening and the catering personnel worked hard to adjust. Eventually the whole party went outside, waiting for the couple to throw rice at them (traditional greeting after the ceremony in Italy).

We found shelter inside the main building of the castle, where an aperitif was served as guests were getting pretty wet outside.

Bride also had to briefly comfort her daughter 🙂

As hungry bellies were satisfied, guests were shown the way to where lunch was held, it was adventurous as it gets!

The background of the lawn where the big tent for the reception was placed served marvellously for groups and family pictures, among these there are in fact some of my very favourites from that day!

This valley is not far from the most “touristy” ones of the Dolomites, still the scenery is truly breathtaking and the mountains are beautiful and wild!

If you wish to marry or elope here but you don’t know where to start, please go to the page where I talk about the wedding experience I can offer you!

All the tension suddenly gone, left place for cheers, laughter, toasts and happy tears.

Dancefloor and party-time!!

wedding castle italy
wedding castle italy

You can also watch the video from that day:


Hope you enjoyed reading and watching!