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Hybrid photographer for your Elopement in Italy – what’s hybrid photography then??


Hybrid, in the photography world, refers to either two things:

a) the photographer uses both digital and analog mediums

b) the photographer takes both photographs and video for his/her clients

Actually, in my case, both cases apply, because I offer all these three services. It’s possible (and it’s FUN to me 🙂 ) to have your memories on film, digital and on moving images too!

Film is, to me at least, a brilliant medium to deliver the most genuine emotions, there’s no way of interfering, in a way. It’s THE moment exactly how it happened. Digital, on the other hand, comes always in handy and it’s probably more reliable in some occasions. Eloping is, like wedding photography in general, at the mercy of the weather gods.

foto coppia trentino


Harsh light can happen a lot, film handles it so much better than digital! The photos you’re seeing in this blog post are from a day which presented a pretty peculiar weather situation. Some fog on the lake, temps above 0°C  , snow covering everything. This means a LOT of grey and blue tones. In a situation like this, I like to include some warm-coloured clothing element, it adds in contrast and vibrance of the photos.

Rest assured: planning the outfit is totally part of what we can do together before we meet up.

An elopement is probably the best situation for me to let all my creativity flow. I’m just a friend casually there to witness the most intimate and beautiful moment there is, as it naturally unfolds.

There’s no need for me to pose you, it’s freeing both for me and you as a couple, I’m there just to smooth as much as possible the experience and let you do you!

Talking about experience, I can do more than just offer you pictures and/or videos. I believe if I was to elope in a place far from home, I would have a lot of questions. First off: where should I go? Followed by a tons of others: what do we do? Where do we eat? Can I have flowers? Can I have my hair done? How can I communicate without leaving doubts with vendors that are not fluent in English?

That’s the reason why I invite you to read about how you can make your life easier and your elopement safer: the Dolomites Wedding Experience serves exactly to this purpose!

An Instagram Reel to document your sweet escapes comes included in every bundle you choose!


I seriously can’t wait to get to know new couples and have fun creating epic memories together!

Nadia, hybrid photographer in Italy