wedding in the Dolomites
wedding in the Dolomites

A wedding in the Dolomites might be the best idea you ever had. Stunning panoramas, breath-taking experiences and, let’s not forget, the tastiest wines and beers of the world, make it sound so much reasonable.

Many are those that every year decide to say their biggest “yes” in a unique location: castles, tiny mountain churches, in the open air, or in charming rooms of old towns.

wedding in the Dolomites

Try only to google “wedding+Dolomites” and a whole world of agencies and stuff will show up. The coolest and most inspiring thing I found on the first page must be this Mountain Wanderer’s article. For German speakers, fear not, there are also a lot of other possibilities.

Detail groom

The photos you see here were taken in different locations, as you see one can not but be spoilt of choices up here. I call myself lucky to live in a place where others go on holiday to! Much attention was drawned in past years around Garda lake, but if you feel a bit more adventurous and want brilliant mountain scenery, indulge not and look further.

How it goes

Tipically the ceremony (20 minutes long if it is a civil one, up to the priest if it’s in a church) is followed by an “high altitude” party and again, you’ve got only to pick one rifugio (mountain refuge) and you’re good to go. This is the thing I love about shooting weddings: how the couple personalize it. Seriously, you can hire whatever wedding planner you want, but make sure that day speaks about you as a couple and as your relationship with your family and friends.

Now let’s talk paperwork

If you are a UK or Irish citizen, you may find this interesting, if you’re German or Austrian go here if you plan to wed in a Church, here if you only wish to have a civil marriage. Italy is a place where burocracy can be the trickiest part of it, but there’s plenty of information that you can receive while sipping some juice on your sofa. After you have gathered als these things, let’s proceed and contact administrative (and church- if the case) offices to have an accurate list of what you need to do. All this should be done several months before you say the big YES word. Make sure you plan with a big anticipation so don’t get ugly surprises along the way.

Let’s chat a moment over when is it best to wed in the italian Alps?

Personally I would advise you to choose the end of April/all May, knowing that, if you plan to go up high for pictures there might still be some snow (how cool is that?!), or September/October since we’ve got beautiful and very warm autumn days here. My suggestion is based upon two facts: you don’t wanna be too long under an italian mid-summer sun (I know Trentino South Tyrol is pretty stucked up up up, there north. Well, I’ll just say Bolzano is commonly the hottest italian city during summers). The other is that the crowd is considerably less during these two times of year, that leads to minor costs and more rooms availability, other than having a whole place all to yourselves.

So what…are you still reading this?? Go ahead and plan your wedding in the Dolomites, I’ll be glad to be your photographer😉

wedding in the Dolomites