YOUR wedding experience in italy

Pick your own bouquet, go for an adventure and enjoy delicious local food&drinks from small producers and... marry your best friend!

Don't worry! We have you covered for pics and videos, so you can live 100% in and for the moment.

dolomites wedding

Above: wedding in the heart of the Dolomites, alpe di Siusi

I know you. You have this dream in your head.

There’s a beautiful sunset, you’re on the top of a mountain, while down below normal life goes on.

You’re holding the hand of your favourite person with a million ideas for your future and there’s this shiny token of your love that you keep playing with on your finger. 

Do you want to elope, marry or just have a great time with your other half in the Dolomites, but you have no clue how to organize it?

I’m here to help you sort that out. You may already know that in Trentino Südtirol people commonly speak up to three different languages. Italian, German and Ladin. Things can get complicated in the organizing stage of a romantic adventure if you don’t master one or two of them. I work in the entire Alps area and I can count on direct collaborations I already have or make new connections for you. All of this includes my own code of ethics, mostly trying to leave this earth better than the one I was given. You may say this is a difficult task, but I strongly believe in it. I’m not speaking only and strictly of the environment, of a “human sustainability too”. Having respect for and supporting local producers is so important in my private life, as well as in my professional life. All of this is even more fun when you work alongside beautiful people who also happen to be talented in their work. I’m not one for the over-marketed images of the alps and especially the Dolomites; I’m here to give you a unique experience, not a ticket to wait your turn and enjoy the view for a couple of minutes. 


I’m passionate about knowing the people working in these valleys, they work hard to prepare food that delivers all the flavours of our land. Cheese, salumi (prosciutto, speck and so on…), bread, fresh veggies, fruit…and yes, there’s wine too, of course and grappa.


What can I do for you?

I am a photographer and videographer. My joy and greatest pleasure is when I’m able not only to record how that day looked, also how it FELT, so that you can look at pictures and videos to feel exactly what the moment felt to you. 

dolomites photographer

When I’m not taking photographs or making videos, you’ll probably find me skitouring or roaming the mountains in one way or another. You can count on me to suggest locations, hikes and a lot of other stuff. You tell me what you want your day to look like and what you need to make it unforgettable and I’ll be sure you live your dream.

You’ll be free to live in the moment and enjoy the experience while I’ll record it so you can remember it for the rest of your life.

5 EASY STEPS for Your Wedding in the Dolomites

1. Arrange to pick your own flowers with Anna at DA Genussgarten

photo courtesy of Anna Gruber

2. Talk to me about other services you want to book (make-up? Hair? Classic cars to rent?)

dolomites wedding

3. Choose your picnic! There’s plenty of of options to choose from. One thing is guaranteed: it will be the cherry on top!

4. Organize your hike, if you want to have one or if you choose a location that can only be reached with a hike.

5.        ENJOY!

The sooner you book, the easier it is for us to arrange everything that’s close to your heart.

As for photos and video I offer quite a unique kind of memory. Authentic emotions and the core of things are what I long for. I’m an hybrid2  kind of photographer. That means I use both digital and film to express my view of the day and on the emotions I sense through you.


You’ll end up with a digital gallery that includes digital images and some scans from developed film rolls.

Add a video in the mix and you’ll be all set!

If this is exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate and let’s get in touch to prepare your wedding or special day in the Dolomites. I only accept a few bookings a year so that I can devote the time and dedication to ensuring I can make the most beautiful memories out of each event.

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