This page is an open project and a story, a visual diary of these couple of months of quarantine caused by the Coronavirus. I’m a professional photographer, but I’m not a photojournalist. I couldn’t go and document critical places such as hospitals and similar. What I could do was tell our story, our quarantine. How was it to live as a little family in a village laid in the heart of the Italian alps? How was it for a mother, who has chosen to make a living out of photography over being a pharmacist (among those who are really at risk right now) , to suddenly be back at caring for her 4y/o daughter, with little or no income from her activity? (Thankfully my husband works in the food industryas a jurist, therefore we have this as main income).

Well this is my little piece of the puzzle, my little doing my part. Everyday I remind myself I am so lucky, because it may be hard when your liberty is taken away, but it’s also a moment full of grace, if I only stop to notice.

This page will be uptade as I catch on editing and as we proceed to the so called “phase 2” in May.


dalia germoglio

A big help to keep my mind sane through this all, is coming most certainly from the only space we’re always allowed to go to outside: our garden. Here the only limit is our creativity and imagination. Having bought this house only a couple of months ago, there’s a lot to do in it, a lot to work on in the garden as well.

vintage gardening
Italy Coronavirus
peas seedling

You will see a lot of gardening in here, but there’s also a lot of simple moments and Faith too.

virtual mass

I’d love to het in touch with you, reading this page of my site!

Coronavirus diary
Coronavirus diary

We are our rainbow:

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