corfu gluten free

Going to Corfu and need to find safe gluten free food? You’ll find tons of suggestions right here!

We visited the island in April 2022, when only a few quiet visitors are there. I’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2016 and everytime I travel I need to make sure about where I eat. Many people would say: “oh, it’s easy, so many foods are already gluten free in greek cuisine!” They obviously don’t know the disease very well and they would be very surprised to find wheat derivates EVERYwhere. 

We travelled by air and arrived in Corfu town. Before reaching our fist stop, we had dinner in Corfu town. I was already dreaming of this moment and my first gluten  ree pita bread ever and needed some joy, as we arrived with cold weather and pouring rain, which we weren’t expecting. So we went and had dinner at Pitonostimies and I have to say that it was tooootally worth the short detour in town. We went back a few days after as we got back in town before leaving (it was during orthodox Easter) only to be disappointed with how rude and over-tired the waitress was (no gluten free pita bread that day sadly, too much chaos going on).

Generally speaking I had the impression that coeliac disease is not very widely known of in this part of Greece, that is even more true in more rural villages, but it’s also true that I found locals very kind and accomodating when explaining what my needs were.

Going on with our trip, the first few nights we stayed on Agios Georgios beach at House Dimitri which I can warmly recommend. House is more enjoyable in warmer days (patio facing the sea!) as when we visited it was mostly windy with a stormy sea. Beautiful location nontheless and very kind and caring hosts too!

corfu gluten free

I loved the little evening walk to the village of Afionas where we looked for gluten-free foods as well.

We ate two times in the modern looking Anemos restaurant. They offer classics greek dishes in a more contemporary way. I normally would rather have it “domestic” than gourmet, but since being diagnosed with c.d. I learned that often it’s required to adjust on this level to be safer. They were in fact extremely prepared on how to serve my meal. I reccomend going also because of the extraordinary view while being warm (it can be pretty chilly during the evening at that time of year). Another place we looked up but didn’t went to, was The Grill.

During our stay we visited Paleokastritsa, getting my must-greekcoffee in the morning and eating at Vrachos for lunch. I love eating on the beach, as you can see 🙂 the fish dish I got wasn’t execptional tho’.

corfu gluten free

corfu gluten free

The following day we visited Angelokastro castle and we stopped by in the village close to the castle at Ftelias, where the lady serving was very very kind with our kids. We all ate a Gyros dish and I instructed her on how she could prepare one without the flatbread for me, making sure the meat was gluten free.

corfu kids

corfu gluten free

Another day we visited Old Perithia where I probably had my best meal of the trip! Combined with the fact that I found the place gorgeous, I highly recommend visiting!

portra 400 spring

We had lunch at Taverna Old Perithia under the big patio. A lot of fresh vegetables and rabbit/sheep meat. They even prepare fries separately from other foods, so that I was sure there wasn’t any contamination! Delicious and highly recommended.

In the afternoon we went and see the Canal d’Amour in Sidari. There were very few open bars and the one where we stopped at didn’t serve any gluten-free ice cream 🙁


From Agios Georgios in the north we moved towards south spending a couple of nights in Agios Gordios, where my daughter told me “mum, I wish this was my house” lol!

N. and I were corageous enough to bathe in the swimming pool 😉

While there we ate at the Funky Land where people are really nice, food interesting, but nothing really extraordinary. On our last evening here we had dinner at the Delphi restaurant which was pretty good and the atmosphere very familiar.

We got back in Corfu town in time for the pot-smashing tradition that takes place on Easter day (Botides).


So this is it about eating gluten-free in Corfu in my experience, feel free to email me or ask me anything at . I’d be thrilled to come document a special day in the life or a wedding in Corfu, if that sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! You may find another English written post with Greece photos here, all analog.

You can find here a greek written document to print, in order to explain that you’re coeliac when you travel.

Safe and fun travels! 🙂